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First and foremost, we hope you and your family are staying healthy and safe. We wanted to give you a quick update on how we’re currently operating. We are following the directives of our local and state governments. Although we think of home organizing as essential ;), we understand it is not an “essential business” right now. So we are postponing client appointments until we get the all clear.


As a small business owners, we are trying to be creative in order to ‘keep the lights on.’ We are  super excited to be offering virtual organizing for anyone getting the extra itch to get their homes organized during this time. So, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about our virtual services.


If you find yourself with less time than usual (hello homeschooling and WFH), below are a few quick projects that will give you a sense of accomplishment :


Have 10 minutes? Edit and file fold your kitchen towel drawer. 


Have 20 minutes?  Go through your tupperware drawer: match the mates, edit out the singles and organize them by style. Your kidos can help.


Have an hour? Choose one category of your closet to edit. Close your bedroom door, turn on the music and say goodbye to everything you’re not excited to hop back into once we’re able to be back out in public.



Need an activity for your kids?  Have your little helpers organize their writing utensils - markers,color pencils, crayons, and pens. Edit out the ones that don't work and organize them by type. ( My kids spend like 45 mintues doing this and it was their idea.  Win:Win

And if all else fails, hold off on the organizing, snuggle your kids or furbabies, be grateful and thankful for those supporting our community on the front lines or keeping our society functioning and call us when this is all over. We cannot wait to get back into your home!





Mindfully Minimized



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