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Letting Go...

Written By: Leah Morris

"Letting go isn’t the end of the world; it’s the beginning of a new life.” ~Unknown

Fall in Minnesota is a breathtaking event. When the heat of summer fades, and cooler temps take over, it signals the trees that a time of transformation is near. Their normal leafy foliage shifts from bland green to a symphony of blazing oranges, yellows, and reds. But within a few short weeks, the color festival is over as the leaves detach from their branches and drift to the ground.  

They let go in such a gentle and beautiful way. And with no regrets.

Autumn is an excellent time to take stock of life and leave behind anything that is stopping us from being the best version of ourselves. As the seasons change, the chapters in our lives are likely changing as well. Some are good changes and others are a little tougher to navigate. But the “seasons” of our lives are similar to nature’s…and we need to pay attention and have the courage to let go of what is holding us back.

The process of pausing and taking a step back and looking at life can be an uncomfortable one. Asking ourselves the hard questions like, “do I like where I’m going?” or “are there situations, clutter, people, or habits that try to hold me back?” can make us squirm in our seats. But the trees know, in order to grow and flourish, they need to lose pieces of themselves in order to be full and vibrant again in a few months.

So as you pull out your hoodies and sweaters and even start thinking about the holiday season, make a point to think about some renewal for yourself.

Letting go can feel scary, but it can also bring you to something better. There are many different reasons we find it hard to let things go…dreams of wanting to be a different size, fond memories, thinking we’ll need things one day, anticipating life changes. But sometimes our tight grip on things is based on unresolved grief. We often associate grieving with death, but really any kind of a loss can cause grief. Divorce, change in health status or physical abilities, marriage, moving, retirement, graduation, birth of a child. Even positive life events can generate feelings of loss and grief and increase our attachment to things. When our clutter starts to drowning us out and compromising our present, there is a problem.

If you find that your fear holds you back or creates bigger problems in your life, facing your fear may help you learn to better cope with the fear and ultimately overcome it.

Use the handful of months before January 1 as a time to pause and shed what you’ve been carrying in the way of clutter, frustration, disappointment, grief, and maybe some worry. Then take stock in how well you’ve done, how far you’ve come, and what could make the next year even better.

When this seems difficult , look outside.  The trees are the perfect example of how beneficial it is to make your burdens lighter and set them free. The trees know that letting go is the secret to inner success and a truly happy existence.

It can be a beautiful thing to let things go. Embrace it…you will feel better when you do.

Remember, letting go needs to be practiced like anything else in life! The more you do the easier it gets. It’s very hard to break old habits and form new habits since our behavior is ingrained into our neural pathways. But repetition is the key to changing a habit. Practice, practice, practice.... and then one day it will become automatic. When you are ready to let go, remember to start small.

Start small, Complete, Congratulate Yourself, then Repeat.

With Gratitude & Grace,

Leah Morris

Founder & Chief Organizer @Mindfully Minimized

Mindfully Minimized is a holistic organizational solution company committed to helping people clear the clutter from their lives, so they can focus on what they love. Based in Minneapolis, Mindfully Minimized was founded by owner and chief organizer Leah Morris who works alongside her clients to help them with their challenging spaces to create a beautifully organized home focused around their intention. Leah is a professional organizer, decluttering expert, speaker & coach. She is committed to helping people declutter their lives to focus on what they love. With her passion for providing solutions to problems and serving others she is able to transform spaces to be more clam, purposeful, sustainable, and joyously livable. Check out her website or you can also follow her on Instagram or on FB.

Leah Morris

Founder + Chief Organizer


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