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Investment Packages

We have seen the transformative power that simplifying and sorting spaces has on individuals and families. 


Whether it's your home, schedule, or work,I believe it's all about intention, and that we're more equipped to find some when we have mental and physical space in our lives.

My mum decorated the whole house new, after christmas. This is the result in our bathroom.
Wardrobe with clothes and necessities in


Less Clutter ($460 - 4 Hours):


This package is a good fit for anyone struggling with just one category (i.e. clothes). We have found a minimum of 4 hours are needed to show significant improvement, no matter what the project. 

Peace at Home ($1,050 - 10 hours):

This package is an excellent choice for those wanting to create breathing room (and peace) in their homes. You will be able to take the tools I teach you and apply it in other areas of your home, and life!

Transform My Life ($2,850 - 30 Hours):

This is our most popular package and it's a GREAT option for those seeking to organize their home from top to bottom. It gives us five sessions to work together--one day for each category. In order to keep the momentum going, we recommend scheduling appointments weekly until the package is complete. 


A La Carte Hours ($125hr):

After a package is completed you will have the option to add "A La Carte" hours to bring a project to completion.

Packages expire six (6) months after purchase. If more than one organizer is present during the session (done on request) hours will be deducted from your package based on hours worked PER organizer. While sessions require a minimum of 3 hours there is no maximum to how long we can work together in one day (we need a minimum of 3 hours to show significant improvement no matter what the project).

Some clients find clearing clutter to be an emotional and draining experience and are ready to end their session after hours while others are fueled by the energy of releasing items that no longer serve them and choose to work all day. Ultimately the choice is yours for how long we work. I will be by your side guiding you, supporting you and holding space for you throughout the process. ♥

Service Area

Mindfully Minimized primarily services the Twin Cities suburban area, but does travel throughout the U.S. as well. A travel fee is applied for clients located more than 30 miles from the Twin Cities. Trips outside of the Twin Cities metropolitan area are quoted individually.

What Clients Say

"Leah is so amazing and so helpful! I got so much done in just 8 hours of her time. Helping me get organized in my kitchen living room and dining area. I strongly suggest using her to help you get your house in order. The organization and the ability to walk into my house and not feel stressed about cleaning is fantastic"


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