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Lighten your life, regain control over time and clear the clutter to create  a peaceful, stress free  home.

Mindfully Minimized can help you declutter and uncover the space you never knew you had. 


We totally understand  -  life gets hectic and piles of papers,toys,and things seem to pile up.  Mindfully Minimized is here to support you- helping save you time- designing and implementing organized solution that are not only effective but sustainable.


Time to 'can the chaos' and 'purposefully purge' to create a simpler, more intentional life .  Mindfully Minimized is committed to helping you through this process.


Hourly rate: The hourly rate is $100 an hour.  Investment packages available details link here

Service Area

Mindfully Minimized primarily services the Twin Cities suburban area, but does travel throughout the U.S. as well. A travel fee is applied for clients located more than 50 miles from the Twin Cities. Trips outside of the Twin Cities metropolitan area are quoted individually.

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