Mindfully Minimized helps people live a more focused life with greater clarity, purpose, and intentionality.


We are a holistic organizational solution company whose mission is to help people simplify through decluttering. 


We totally get that life is inherently chaotic and frequently messy.  It is our philosophy that living with less and cultivating organization  allows for a home environment that is focused around intention is more pleasing and productive.

We work along side our clients to help them with their challenging spaces.

Time to 'can the chaos' and 'purposefully purge' to create a simpler, more intentional life .  You don't have to tackle projects alone - we are there to help.

  • Are you overwhelmed & want to simplify your life?

  • Does clutter make you feel in a constant state of chaos?

  • Do you waste your time  constantly picking up stuff?

  • Do you feel like you don't even know where to start?


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