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Maximize Life= Minimize Stuff

Getting your house feeling like home! No room is off-limits. From bathrooms, closets, kitchens, nurseries, offices, pantries, playrooms, and everything in between

Organized closet of white clothes


Productive & Profitable

Decluttering is an easy fix with low investment costs. Whether it’s to create a space where workers feel happy or productive, for clients to recognize your value, or to increase the efficiency of work, you can profit in more ways than one from creating an office space that works for everyone.

Hair Salon


Practical > Pinterest Perfect

Organizing expertise tailored to your audience's unique needs. Drawing from her experience, Leah Morris helps people uncover how clutter, in all its forms, can hold them back from living their most desired life.



Sensitivity + Support

Whether you are moving, experiencing the loss of a loved one, a separation, or estate planning, Mindfully Minimized will work with sensitivity to support you during these trying times in life. This includes decluttering, consignment, packing, or unpacking.

Moving boxes stacked in an empty room


Purpose + Beauty

Helping busy people revitalize their living space is one of our passions. With a focus on maximizing functional space and true simplicity. We measure, design, and draft options for room layouts, furniture options, and custom closet designs.


What Clients Say

"Leah made a dreaded task fun! I needed that extra push to clear the clutter and keep only what's necessary.  I also really appreciated that she took my unneeded stuff off my hands and dropped it off to be donated or recycled."


-Sarah W

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