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Moves & Transitions

Ready to declutter, simplify, edit, organize? Whatever word you choose, we're here to help you Mindfully Minimize.  You don't have to tackle projects alone we are here to help.

Open Doors

​We provide compassionate help for individuals and families with different kinds of life transitions, including:

  • Retirees ready to downsize

  • Empty - nesters

  • People going through a divorce

  • Anyone who has lost a spouse, partner, or parent

  • New parents

  • People moving into a new home


Our holistic approach recognizes that organizing is about much more than just  “stuff” – it’s about the emotional, physical, and mental, aspects of life.

We acknowledge, honor, and make space for the fullness of the client’s experience as they reinvent their life through the organizing process while creating an environment that is supportive of their current priorities and goals.

Recognizes the central role of loss and grief inherent in ALL life change. Even the joyful events in our lives often mean that we must say goodbye and close previously loved chapters of our personal stories. Most people can recognize the role of loss in events such as divorce or the passing of a loved one. However, we can experience similar emotions and challenges when we get married, have children, start a new job, relocate, or retire.  We will be able to support and honor the confusing and conflicting experiences of our clients as they navigate reorganizing their lives in the midst of such experiences.

Mindfully Minimized takes an integrated and authentic approach to creating space. It is rooted in the present, honoring the change process, and creating space for peace and growth.

We are here to help!

Let's see what's going on

​In determining the most efficient, effective path toward intention, we listen to understand your overarching life goals in addition to your defined organizing aims.
At our first session,we will take an integrated look at your home. We then evaluate each space to see how it’s being used – what works, what doesn’t?  What are the pain points we can minimize? Is it efficient and simple?  Does it make sense for your current lifestyle? We then create a game plan to make it a space you actually look forward to hanging out in.

Action time

During each session, we work together to edit, sort, and organize.  We help navigate the editing process of assessing whether objects stay or go.  If they stay, are they in the most functional spot?  After the editing is complete, we then determine how to maximize your space for efficiency and sustainability.  Finally,we can make sure your style shines through

Pricing+Service Area

Hourly rate: Dependent on investment package selected - link here.

Service area: Primarily servicing homes throughout Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota but does travel throughout the U.S. as well.  Trips outside of the Twin Cities metropolitan area are quoted individually.

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