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Clearing Space Allows for Growth

It has seemed like an endless winter, complete with freezing temperatures, snow and slush everywhere, and bundling up to brave the chilling winds. But finally, it's almost time for you to frolic in fields of wildflowers and lay out in the sun, so it time to get out of hibernation mode, clearing out space to allow for growth.

Spring break is definitely the time for you to switch things up. Get rid of the clothes hanging in the back of your closet that you haven't worn in years, throw out scrap pieces of paper you have lying around, and say goodbye to the things in your home that don't bring you joy. Spring is the season of growth, and clearing out your home makes space for new things. Spring is the time for change, transitions and new growth. Often, it is naturally associated with “spring cleaning” around the house. However, there are other areas that often could use a good clearing too. This year, what about include your smartphone and/ or your career in your spring declutting. Review your belongings, selecting one item at a time from the mountain of stuff and determining whether it adds true value to your life or "sparks Joy" as described in the The KonMari Method circulating all over the media. This spring why not embraces the minimalist mindset and emphasizes gratitude for the things you have and make room for new life; new creativity, opportunity or emotions.

Here are some tips on how to declutter your smartphone & career and make the process more do-able.

  • Smartphone Declutter - Link here to some great tips. In a world where smartphone owners are using 30 apps a month on average, you can apply that same methodology to spring clean your digital life. Why not take out all your devices (smartphones, laptops and tablets) and go through them one-by-one to remove software that’s just taking up space and slowing down the performance of your gadgets.

  • Career Declutter - Spend dedicated time on developing your career. Weather that is taking classes, setting up networking meetings to learn more about a field of interest or updating your Linked profile( yes, I need to do this too). Take time this spring to do it!! Check out this article... & this one too. If you are looking for a transition in life, looking to develop a skill you love now is the time. Just do it and you may be surprised what awesomeness grows.

Often we feel overwhelmed or stressed, it can also because of the physical chaos in our life. This can be true for your career as well as your phone. When you turn on your phone, do you feel inspired or cramped? Have you really given your personal development the time and energy it needs? Have you taken that class you have been talking about with friends to learn something new? Decluttering our external environment can help us feel less chaos on the inside. It also removes any stagnation and opens your environment and life for new growth. You may not even be aware of what this new growth is until you clean out the old and new light shines through.


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