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Don’t Let Clutter Cramp Your Style

Updated: May 28

Being organized means keeping not only your possessions in order but also your time. Good time management allows you to accomplish more in less time. This leads to more free time, which lets you focus on what truly matters to you. You will have more and longer stretches to devote to your kids, family, friends and, most importantly, yourself. In other words, good time management enhances all aspects of your life.

But if your cluttered home is slowing you down, if you must sort through too many extraneous possessions to find just one thing, or if having too much “stuff” is cramping your style, let Leah Morris of Mindfully Minimized help you literally sort things out. Leah is a professional organizer with untold amounts of enthusiasm and energy. During her 16-plus years of experience in a corporate job, she managed teams, skillfully steered groups of employees and enlisted project initiatives, all of which made her well qualified to assist you in your mission to get out from under your own disorder.