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How do you know if you actually need a professional organizer?

If you’re like many Americans, you have so much stuff that you can’t control it. Often times it is easier to let it accumulate and stash stuff away, procrastinating the decision of what to do with the item for another day. When it comes to organizing and simplifying our lives we get lost in the Pinterest perfect, beautifully labeled, and delightfully decluttered spaces as we wait in line at the grocery store scrolling away on social media or our lasted google.

Simplifying your life and getting organized sounds so amazing but how do you actually get there? As a professional organizer one of the main things (along with many others!) that I do is to help my clients declutter and develop a plan that continues to keep them organized after I leave. I’ve said it before: getting organized isn’t a one-time event and I don’t treat it as such. I focus on creating systems that will last based on the needs and current lifestyle and habits of you and your family. With those elements in mind, I’m able to implement solutions that will last because they support how you are already living, making it easy and intuitive for you and your family to adapt.

  • You have a closet/pantry/garage full of clothes/expired food/unused random items, but can’t put together an outfit or find what you need because you don’t know what you already have. Essentially you are spending too much time looking for things you need and/or are surrounded by things you no longer can use or love.

  • You pay a monthly fee for a storage unit filled with stuff you could live without.

  • Your past ways to declutter have been shoving miscellaneous items into drawers or closets, only to create more chaos. Remember physical clutter fosters mental clutter!

  • There are reminders of your previous organization attempts and failures everywhere that discourage you from any change: random bins, trays, and baskets without anything inside, bins and boxes piling up in your garage because they don’t fit the space you originally intended them to fill, or a label maker still in it’s box.

  • You want some guidance and a specific plan tailored to you and your families needs.

  • You don't know where to start. If you feel that you are having a hard time even starting the organization process, a simple and short meeting with a professional organizer can help you to plan out your moves and come up with ideas to get started. A professional organizer can still help with the process itself and they’re available for advising on organization projects as well!

My ultimate goal for you and your family would be to create a personally tailored and practical organizational systems that allow you to live a more focused life with greater clarity, purpose, and intentionality instead of being constantly bogged down by tons of clutter and chaos.

So if you are looking to hire a professional organizer or know of a friend or family member that might be interested in assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Mindfully Minimized. We look forward to hearing from and helping you simplify your space to allow you more time to get after your dreams!


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