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Mindfully Managing – Organizing through Life’s Transitions

Life transitions. We all go through them at some point in our lives.

Life transitions force us to let go of the familiar and face the future with a feeling of vulnerability. We live in a culture that has taught us to be very uncomfortable with uncertainty, so we are anxious when our lives are disrupted. With this change it also gives us a chance to explore what we really want out of life. This time of reflection can result in a sense of renewal and refocus.

A life transition can be positive or negative, planned or unexpected. Some transitions happen without warning, and they may be quite dramatic, as in cases of accidents, death, divorce, job loss, or serious illness. Other life transitions come from positive experiences such as getting married, going away to college, starting a new job, moving to a new city, or giving birth to a child. Even though events like these are usually planned and anticipated, they can be just as life-altering as the unexpected events.

Transitions are stressful, even if they are supposed to be happy times. Seek the support of friends and family members who accept you without judgement and encourage you to express your true feelings. A time of transition is also an excellent time to seek the support of trained professionals. Reaching out for help is a positive and courageous act. If you’re having trouble grasping, understanding, or dealing with a recent change in life, counseling can help guide you through the transition

The need to organize is particularly obvious during times of transition. Transitions are a signal that what you need from your space is changing, and the space must change to accommodate it. Mindfully tuning in to your relationship with your things and how they serve you right now is an essential step during this process.

Times of life transitions offer you a chance to reflect on your life – your priorities. Take this time to take advantage of this fork in the road. Take one step at a time. Totally understandable to feel like your life has become unmanageable. Be gracious with yourself. Start with one thing to do. Then break it down into small specific, measurable steps. Check off the steps as you accomplish them.

The way you organize your home will change as you move through different stages of your life, and that’s normal and expected. Organizing takes practice and it’s not something you do once and then are done with forever (yes, Marie Kondo may disagree but that’s okay!)

Do any of these transitions resonate with you?

  • Moving: Moving is on all of the lists of stressful life situations. Money and time are two of the key drivers. Yes, moving is an expensive affair with lots of steps involved. From prepping, staging, selling your currently place to packing, picking, and unpacking your new place. Then you add tick-tock, tick-tock… the time pressure will keep on increasing and it’s the genuine worry that you won’t be ready on time that can make the stress of moving almost unbearable as you approach the finish line. It’s the dreaded stress-inducing image of you still having an entire room to pack when your movers knock on your door on moving day to pick up your items for transport. Then there is the unpacking and making sure your new house feels like home not to mention figuring out all the new process of your new place- changing your mailing address, getting your new garbage & electrical bills set up and ensuring your kidos are enrolled in their new school & activities. Read more about how to mindfully minimize your move - here.

  • Baby on the way: You’re welcoming a new baby into your family, you may need to change the function of different rooms in your home. Rethinking your space and priorities to accommodate. This is often one of the most joyful and stressful times in a person’s life. It’s such a big transition that having children can add significant stress to a marriage. Planning ahead (you do usually have 9 months!) to make room for the new baby’s needs can significantly reduce stress and help to make this event a more joyful one. ps. You totally need less stuff than you think you do trust me.

  • Unplanned Loss: Accidents, the death or illness of a friend or family member, the loss of a job and other unexpected life transitions can be weathered more easily if you have systems in place and your home and life are organized. During these trying emotional times, the less “other” stuff you have to deal with the better!

When you find yourself facing an unplanned transition, it is critically important to carefully evaluate your workload and other commitments. In fact these times can have the effect of making it crystal-clear what is most important and urgent in your life.

Be sure to give yourself time and support to grieve whatever it is that you are experiencing. When it comes to handling the clutter that can come with unexpected transitions, there is no need to rush yourself!

Life transitions like the ones mentioned above take time for everyone to adjust to the change. We find that mindfulness, clear communication, and support are great allies during such times. Be sure to notice and name your feelings as you go through transition. It can be helpful to keep a journal, see a therapist, or have an accountability partner to check in with.

Don’t forget to be gracious and compassionate with yourself even when you feel frustrated and impatient. You are doing your best – and so is everyone around you (even when it doesn’t seem like it!)

Lastly, remember just as the earth experiences spring, then summer, then fall, and finally winter — your own life cycle has its seasons too. It won’t be like this forever! Times of upheaval eventually settle to a status quo. Whether you are facing transition, in the midst of it or gratefully out of it, you know how valuable it is to have organized systems and processes to support you.

Founder & Chief Organizer @Mindfully Minimized

Mindfully Minimized is a holistic organizational solution company committed to helping people clear the clutter from their lives. Based in Minneapolis, Mindfully Minimized was founded by owner and chief organizer Leah Morris who works alongside her clients to help them with their challenging spaces to create a beautifully organized home focused around their intention. Leah is a professional organizer, decluttering expert, speaker & coach. She is committed to helping people declutter their lives to focus on what they love. With her passion for providing solutions to problems and serving others she is able to transform spaces to be more clam, purposeful, sustainable, and joyously livable. Check out her website or you can also follow her on Instagram or on facebook.

Need support creating space in your life for what matters? Mindfully Minimized can help you with your home organizational needs. Connect with us today we would love to help.


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