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Leah is fabulous. Safe, encouraging,empathetic, and resourceful.  She helps you move through whatever you need to, and wherever you're at. I really appreciate how she has been able to help us purge.

-  Kara J

Leah made a dreaded task fun! I needed that extra push to clear the clutter and keep only what's necessary.  I also really appreciated that she took my unneeded stuff off my hands and dropped it off to be donated or recycled.

- Sarah W

I was looking for help simplifying my life and Leah was just what I needed! She is genuine and compassionate and will help you every step of the way!  You've got a friend and professional in Leah!

- Leslie J

Had an awesome experience with Leah! She helped me organize and declutter my craft room. What took us three hours would have taken me all day ( if I stuck with it that long by myself).  Leah helped me see a better, more efficient way to organize my crafts and other items I had in this room.  It was not overwhelming or stressful.  The tips Leah gave will help me finish organizing other rooms in my home.  And we threw away or donated  a lot as well! What a good feeling to see my room transformed!

-  Kara J

Had Leah over to organize/ declutter my master closet. Wow! It's amazing how much stuff we were holding onto - Leah was supportive, patient, and friendly the whole time. I would recommend Leah for organizing and decluttering any household room!

- Melissa S

Leah with Mindfully Minimized came to help me tackle the guest room chaos. She was so helpful, non-judgmental, and encouraging!  Letting me make my own decisions about what stays and goes while also helping me figure out where and how to relocate things that needed to be elsewhere. Thank you Leah Morris! It’s so calming to be in this organized space. And my parents were thrilled when them came  to visit that they had room for their stuff!!

- Anika P

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