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Contract and Terms of Service & Pricing

Throughout this contact, the terms “we,” “us” and “our” refer to Leah Morris, Mindfully Minimized and our employees, contractors, subcontractors, or assistants; the terms "I" and "you" and "your" refer to the client.   We offer our services available to you (the client) conditioned upon your acceptance of all terms, conditions, policies, and notices stated herein.

Payment Details
All sales are final and non-transferable. I accept cash, check, and Square.   T
here is will be a 4% fee added for credit cards processing.   A La Carte hours will be due at the end of the session. Full payment is due at the end of each calendar day unless prepaid through the purchase of an Investment Package.  Please let us know if you have any question and we will be in contact with you soon.  A La Carte hours will be due at the end of the session. Full payment is due at the end of each calendar day unless prepaid through the purchase of an Investment Package.

Fees are decided independently and communication to clients in advance. I will charge fees and expenses which I deem reasonably, legitimate, and commensurate with my experience, the service I deliver, and the responsibility I accept. I will make recommendation for product and services with the client’s best interest in mind. Mindfully Minimized LLC reserves the right to charge different rates for working in any conditions we deem dangerous or hazardous based on the assessment.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

Cancellation significantly affects my schedule and the schedules with whom I work. Due to my ever-increasing demand, and to be available to my committed clients, I am unable to accommodate multiple cancellations. I allow a one-time cancellation for every appointment booked. This means, if you book an appointment, you can reschedule it once at no charge with 48 hours notice. If you need to reschedule beyond that, there is a $125 service fee.  All appointments will start at the scheduled time. Being 30 or more minutes late is considered a missed appointment, and forfeits your appointment.

Walk Through

Letting someone into your space to discuss your clutter can be a vulnerable and intimidating thought but it can be oh-so-rewarding. Where most people only see clutter I see, almost instantaneously, what needs to happen to organize a space. I generally like to spend the first 10 minutes of our first appointment conducting a walk-through of your space to discuss the goals you have for our time together. As always, I vow to be non-judgmental throughout the entire organizing process.


Project outcomes depend on the Client's willingness to purge and donate when needed, and to properly organize and maintain items.  Long-term maintenance of organization hinges on the Client's commitment to maintaining the order, and quantity of items in the space.


After we have redesigned your space, we should still review what we have accomplished to determine if what we have achieved has been maintained and if organizing systems are working. If the system that we created is not working for you then we will work together to create one that will. The hourly rate will be applied unless a package has been purchased.

Travel Time

Travel fees applied if 25 miles +.   Travel fees may be waived at the sole discretion of Mindfully Minimized LLC.

Process Ownership

Regarding the purging, sorting, and organizing of items, the Client maintains process ownership.  Mindfully Minimized LLC recognizes items as the sole property of the Client, and though efforts will be made to help purge when needed, it is hereby stated that the final decision on such matters belongs to the Client.   I will determine where discarded items are taken unless you specify a particular donation location at the time of service. Furthermore, I must be told prior to removing your donated items if you would like a receipt from the donation center. By signing this contract, you confirm you have decision-making capabilities of all possessions that are removed from your space.


All information seen, heard, or discussed with the client will be held in the strictest confidence. All client information is confidential, and I only use proprietary information with the permission of each client. I maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and respect for you, your possessions and your home.

The client recognizes that entering into this contract with Mindfully Minimized LLC means that an Organizer may be in contact with personal items and information.  The organizer agrees not to divulge any of this information and to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and respect for the Client’s possessions and home.


Mindfully Minimized LLC follows the written Code of Ethics, provided by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).


Referrals are an important part of the success of Mindfully Minimized LLC. If the Client refers someone to us who becomes a new client, the existing Client will receive ONE HOUR of organizing services FREE (at your next session) after the new client’s first paid session with us!

There are no refunds for services/hours completed. Refunds of unused portions of packages will result in the loss of purchase discount. The refund amount will be the difference of the package price and the hours used adjusted to the hourly rate. Mindfully Minimized LLC reserves the right to refund any remaining, unused hours from prepaid packages (based on the calculations stated above) and terminate the contract, if the client repeatedly cancels and creates a disruption of services. This is at the sole discretion of Mindfully Minimized LLC.

Liability Release
Everyone on the Mindfully Minimized LLC team goes to great lengths to treat you and your belongings with respect, care, and delicacy. That said, it is our policy to have every client agree to a liability waiver in the event of an accident. Thank you for understanding this is necessary to protect our business.

“I hereby acknowledge I understand there may be risks involved in moving furniture and accessories as part of the organizational services I contracted Mindfully Minimized LLC to do. I hereby accept all risk, and waive and all monetary claims for damage or injury to myself or member of my family, my furniture and my accessories, whether owned, rented, or borrowed by me or member of my family, relatives or friends and assume all legal and financial responsibility myself for such.  I shall not now, nor in the future, make any claim against Leah Morris with Mindfully Minimized LLC or any of her employees, contractors, subcontractors, or assistants for any injury to persons within my home or damage or destruction of possessions or property belonging to myself or others in and on my property beyond the value of the services performed and agreed in advance. I warrant that I have the authority to authorize the movement of all furniture and accessories within this home.  I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Leah Morris with Mindfully Minimized LLC or any of her employees, contractors, subcontractors, or assistants from liability for the injury or death of any person(s) and damage to property that may result from any negligent or intentional act or omission by Mindfully Minimized LLC as part of the organizational services I have contracted them to do.”

Termination Clause

I work closely with all my clients in an intimate setting. Should I feel unsafe at any point in the process I reserve the right to refuse service and withhold the right to terminate any contract at any time for any reason.

We are delighted to work with you and look forward to meeting you where you are in the organizing process and customize offerings to meet your goals. Helping you transform your space to create a simpler, more intentional life.  We totally get that life gets hectic and that maintaining an organized home can become a challenge. Mindfully Minimized LLC will design and implement a customized solution that is intentional, functional, and sustainable. Dedicated to helping you live a focused life that is more calm, purposeful, sustainable, & and joyously livable


Pricing shall remain firm and fixed for one (1) year from the Contract’s effective date.  Considerations of price increase will be at the sole discretion of Mindfully Minimized.  If a price increase is issued, the new Contract pricing will be implemented through a contract amendment.

Packages expire six (6) months after purchase. If more than one organizer is present during the session (done on request) hours will be deducted from your package based on hours worked PER organizer. While sessions require a minimum of 3 hours there is no maximum to how long we can work together in one day (we need a minimum of 3 hours to show significant improvement no matter what the project).

Some clients find clearing clutter to be an emotional and draining experience and are ready to end their session after hours while others are fueled by the energy of releasing items that no longer serve them and choose to work all day. Ultimately the choice is yours for how long we work. I will be by your side guiding you, supporting you and holding space for you throughout the process. Pricing is based PER organizer at each session.

Less Clutter ($460 - 4 Hours):

This package is a good fit for anyone struggling with just one category (i.e. clothes). We have found a minimum of 4 hours are needed to show significant improvement, no matter what the project. 

Peace at Home ($1,050 - 10 hours):

This package is an excellent choice for those wanting to create breathing room (and peace) in their homes. You will be able to take the tools I teach you and apply it in other areas of your home, and life!

Transform My Life ($2,850 - 30 Hours):

This is our most popular package and it's a GREAT option for those seeking to organize their home from top to bottom. In order to keep the momentum going, we recommend scheduling appointments weekly until the package is complete.  With the purchase of this package additional organization sessions schedule one (1) year from the Contract’s effective date pricing shall remain firm and fixed based on this hourly rate.

A La Carte Hours ($125 hr):

After a package is completed you will have the option to add "A La Carte" hours to bring a project to completion.



Mindfully Minimized Contract and Terms of

I agree to the above contract

Thanks for submitting!

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Maximize Life = Minimize Stuff

   We have seen the transformative power that simplifying and sorting spaces has on individuals and families. 


Whether it's your home, schedule, or work,I believe it's all about intention, and that we're more equipped to find some when we have mental and physical space in our lives.

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