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Be Present. Be Mindful.

It is the most wonderful time of the year. Filled with much preparation, anticipation, excitement, and splendor. This year as we prepare for the holiday season let's be mindful for WHAT and WHY we celebrate the season.

This past weekend we got down our boxes of Christmas decorations and my family got our decorating on. We got our tree up, hung our garland, turned our outdoor lights on, cranked the Christmas tunes, and burned our yummy smelling' pine & eucalyptus candle.

Gosh I love this season. However, it wasn't long before my thoughts drifted to random thoughts. All those darn "SHOULDS" and my mind started to race....

  • Should I get new holiday rugs for the kitchen? I love the black and white plaid ones!!

  • What is the Elf going to do for the next 24 days? Better get on Instagram for ideas

  • I got to finish my photo books and get those ordered.

  • We should get family photos this year. Should I send Christmas Cards vs New Year cards?

  • I need to get greens and birch branches for my planters. Maybe I should have them professionally done this year?

  • The kids need to make their Christmas list - they have so many things. I don't think we can fit any more American Girl items in our basement as the parameter is FULL.

  • What new holiday recipes should I try?

  • Do the girls need new Ski helmet? Does any of their ski stuff fit?

  • Where are we going for Christmas vacation?

  • Will Covid be better by Christmas? I need my booster. How and I going to fit this in my booked schedule!

BREATH... BREATH... FOCUS (Take a Mindful Minute)

For many of us, the holidays can quickly become stressful and overwhelming. Becoming one of the busiest, most expensive, and most draining times of the year.

It is so easy to get swept away. It at times feels like a wrestling match - I don't want my holiday season manipulated by marketers, advertisers, and retailers. The holiday season always seem to come with more: more food, more décor, more busyness, more shopping, more STUFF. I need to constantly remind myself not to get sucked into the commercialism of it all. Cause darn it, when our STUFF hijacks our focus and desires we miss all the BLESSINGS right in front of us. Breath and focus to simplify now, so we can all celebrate (and enjoy) the holiday season more!

Below are a few tips on how we can embrace mindfulness and stay stress-free during the holidays!

Plan Ahead.

Planning ahead is the first step for staying relaxed during the holidays. Grab a notebook and list everything you need to do, from gift shopping and holiday activities to meal prep. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, this will give you a clear vision of your to-dos.

Shop Intentionally.

Avoid letting the consumerism of the holiday season get the best of you. Shift the focus and for the love stop just buying ( I am writing this to remind myself). Why do we force people to create their "Christmas lists" so we can buy things for them??? My kids are like " I don't know what I want I need to google ( WHAT???). Let's make sure we shop with intention and don't get carried away with all the pressures - yes there is SOO much adorable stuff out there, I mean come on those socks on instagram you can get with pictures of your dog ! :)

Stay Present.

During this time of the year, our minds race with soooo many things we have to do. If you don’t stay present, the holiday season will come and go and you’ll feel like it was over before you could truly experience it. Throughout the day, pause and shift your attention from your thinking to what you are experiencing right now. Focus on your breathing, the delicious food you’re tasting, what you are seeing as you drive, and on what you are smelling as you chop up onions for dinner. Just being in the present will bring a sense of calm.

As we prepare for the holiday season let’s be mindful for why and what we are celebrating.

Let's not let our holiday season get manipulated by marketers, advertisers, and retailers. When the decorating and presents hijack our focus and desires we miss all the blessings right in front of us. Be mindful of our focus for the holiday season and don’t let that focus get hijacked.

Yes, it is the most wonderful time of the year!!! The holiday season, is a time filled with magic, giving, and wonder. Let's be intentional and ensure we know where are true focus is.


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