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Maximize Life = Minimize Stuff

Maximize Life = Minimize Stuff

I have seen the transformative power that simplifying and sorting spaces has on individuals and families. Whether it's your home, schedule, or work, I believe it's all about intention, and that we're more equipped to find some when we have mental and physical space in our lives.

Creating mental space can include removing things or people that drain you of your energy, getting nagging thoughts or ideas out of your head, or having a clear purpose and goals to bring focus to your life.

To create physical space, you may need to declutter, switch things up with the layout of furniture within your home, or reflect and decide on which hobbies really matter to you at this time in your life.

Why you need to make more space?

Despite what you think, you only have so much capacity for physical and mental stuff. As you near your capacity it will become increasingly difficult to bring forth new stuff. Once you reach capacity your ability to create space completely halts and nothing new can develop.

Perhaps you are feeling physically or mentally sluggish for no reason or it takes so much more energy to do everyday things than usual. This could be an indication of overload and overwhelmed. Just like a computer runs slow when its memory is full, you run slow when you’ve got too much stuff draining you and dragging you down.

How do you manage your computer storage? You identify the areas that need to be cleared so space can be freed up. This is the same with decluttering

Things like toxic relationships, outdated ideologies, and the accumulation of possessions you don’t need are all examples of clutter that’s stopping you from living your best life.

Regularly clearing clutter, by evaluating what’s in your life and releasing things that no longer suit you, is an integral part of your personal development plan.

Clutter is a reality and does have a cost. To some degree every one of us has to deal with it day in and day out, and we always will. That is the nature of clutter. It accumulates. Keeping it at bay requires diligence and an effective strategy.

Here are a few ways to make more space in your life.


Create space by decluttering. Declutter unnecessary physical and mental stuff. it makes you cringe or jars any type of negative feeling when you look at it, it may need to go. If it doesn’t bring about joy or other positive emotion, perhaps you should toss it. Ensure the things in your life are curated around legitimate needs and wants. What are the things, thoughts, activities, and people in your life that you don’t want or need? Take inventory and keep only the essential.

Are you still interested in knitting? Yes, then find a space to knit. If no, you don't need to finish an old project you started. It is OK if your interest change and you no longer dig the design or want to spend your time knitting. Release the project, yarn, and supplies. Don't have them take up space in your current life if it know longer brings you joy and it is a nagging reminder on a project you didn't complete every time you see it.


Create space by being mindful and in the moment. You can’t change the past or predict the future, so try not to let what was or what could be disrupt what is. Live in the present and be appreciative of right now, since it’s what you can control.


Create space by saying no. Give yourself time and pause before you say yes. Ensure you are not confirming spontaneous requests or making in-the-moment decisions until you’ve had time to evaluate their importance. And don’t say maybe when you really mean no.

This takes practice and something I still am working out. However, it is super important. Preventing clutter in the first place and going forward is going to be key. Why say "yes" to board member role if you are already feeling stressed regarding your time and have a packed schedule. Why, say "yes" to boxes of clothes from your friend if you really don't want them.

Making space in your life for intention is important. Yes, clutter is a reality. To some degree every one of us has to deal with it day in and day out, and we always will. That is the nature of clutter. It accumulates. Keeping it under control requires diligence and an effective strategy. Life happens, and often when we're busy focusing on the stresses of life that is the time clutter creeps in. Declutting, being mindful, and saying "NO" are a few ways to make more space in your life.

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