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Moving: Decluttering for a Lighter Load & New Home

It’s no secret that most of us have too much stuff. Homes are just crammed with it: attics stuffed with dusty holiday decorations we never use, garages full of camping equipment, beach gear,sports paraphernalia, basements overflowing with old furniture, hand-me-downs, and heirlooms. We hardly think about all the excess stuff—until it’s time to move. Then it’s clear how much more of a headache those collections of possessions will be, complicating an already long to-do list. Here at Mindfully Minimized, we’re passionate about helping you make your home your sanctuary—and simplifying your move is part of the journey.

If you’re willing to adjust your perspective a little, moving can be a chance for a fresh start—for your stuff as much as for you. This is your opportunity to clear out unwanted items and release the old toys, collectibles, and everything else that no longer serves your life. You may be dreading it, but decluttering now will save you money, time, and sanity in the future.

Saving Money

It’s a costly decision to wait to declutter until after your move. When you declutter, you can make money by selling the items or by making a charitable contributions. Also, you will save money by pairing down your things.Bringing furniture and other heavy items can affect your moving costs, so make sure you get a moving quote before packing and moving. Since nothing is free, you will have to consider your moving costs as part of your plan.

Why waste your hard-earned money transporting stuff that you haven’t used in years when you can get rid of unwanted items collecting dust in your closet.If you’re moving on your own, you’ll save money in packing supplies and you can opt for the smaller rental truck. With local movers, you’ll save money on the time it would spend the movers to move your extra stuff. For long-distance movers, you’ll save money on the weight load.

No matter how you look at it, if you declutter now, your moving budget will look better. You want a fresh start when you get to your new home, so take the extra effort to declutter before moving. This way, you do not only get to save but also declutter your life in the process.

Saving Time

Ask for help from a declutterer. Some of us feel more attached to our belongings than others. Maybe you want to hold onto an item because you feel guilty giving it away or you think you may use it one day. Maybe you are just so overwhelmed you convince yourself throwing it all into a box will just be faster. Let me tell you this is a myth. All those boxes of your stuff are now postponed decisions being brought with you to your new space.

If you are a keeper or overwhelmed, ask for help. Invite a friend or your mom or an organizational expert to help you through the process. That person can help assuage some of the guilt and they can motivate you to declutter things that you won’t really want in your new place.

“Do I want to pack, move, and unpack this item in my beautiful, clean, new home? Will it make you happy when you see it again in your new home? Is it worth the cost and hassle to take this item with you?

Saving Sanity

Oh gosh, besides decluttering & getting ready to move we already have a full life in process. Doing our job, raising our children, taking our dogs outside, making dinner, fighting with our health insurance companies, responding to email, scrolling through facebook & instagram, cleaning our bathrooms, scheduling dentist appointments — it’s soo much. It would be so nice to have help in at least one of these areas?

You don't have to do it all yourself. Ask for help. Mindfully Minimized may not be able to make your dinner BUT we can sure help you with decluttering prior to your move to spare you the agony of unpacking too many items when you get to your next destination.

Moving is a fresh start, and you certainly don’t want to bring old clutter to your new space.

You may be dreading it, but declutter NOW to save you money, time, and sanity in the future.

Are you moving soon?

Are you overwhelmed?

Have you asked for help?


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