November - Thanks & Giving

November is right around the corner the month full of Thanks & Giving.  The chunky sweaters,mix of textures, the opportunities for layering,  warm apple cider, fireplaces a glow  -- all add up to a season rich in coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment.

As November sets in, we all begin the season of  gratitude & giving.  Spending time with family/ friends, eating , and gift giving. For many, the month is characterized by shopping and material consumption. This season think about creating new traditions by making your November a Thanks & Giving Month. 

  • Thanks Allow yourself time to reflect on all the amazing things in your life you are thankful for - the running water in your home, the transportation you have the allows you to travel around, the electricity that powers your home and many comforts in it and many many more things we may take for granted daily. Instead of giving material items this holiday season could your giving look different? Giving

  • Minnesotans are know for their generosity, so it is no surprise that we dedicate 24 hours to giving to nonprofits statewide.  There are so super amazing organization out there needing support through your time and /or money. Here is also a link to MN based non-profits doing amazing st