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We do it to our technology no problem however why do we have such a hard time with pause and reset in life?

Pausing creates space, allows us to think, recharge rest, and restart again. We convince ourselves we don’t need it, don’t deserve it, it’s not possible, and in the process fall deeper into that swirling pit of guilt and shame.

When we have too many windows open on our phones processing slows way down top to a crawl. When we are trying to email attachments with a million MB we can't send or are instructed to "reduce the file size". This same concept can be applied to our lives.

To much stuff impacts our operating systems as well. We get stressed, over whelmed,and can't operate at our highest potential. We need to hit pause & reset. Allowing ourselves time to feel, reflect, and actually think. Where do I want to focus my attention this year? What is distracting me ? What are my priorities?

You can organize all day long, but at the end of the day if you’re organizing things that aren’t bringing value to your life then you haven't made any progress on making your home less stressful or less overwhelming.

Take time and pause every so often to examine, question, reflect, and refocus. What are the things that bring value to your life? What are your core motivations? Is everything surrounding you supporting these values and motivations? If not, what needs to change?


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