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Refreshing Home Organization Habits

New Season: Refresh Home Organization Habits

A new season and new growth.

Spring cleaning, not just our houses but our habits too!

Spring is a great time to hit the refresh button on our daily routines, including taking a closer look at your organizational habits. Maintaining an organized and decluttered life, which allows for improved focus and efficiency. Eliminating distractions and organizing our thoughts, we create an environment conducive to tackling tasks and achieving our goals more quickly. In addition, streamlining our workspaces, schedules, and mental processes leads to a clearer understanding of priorities, enabling us to allocate our time and energy much more effectively. Ultimately, adopting an organized approach empowers us to maximize our potential and accomplish more in less time.

Below are 3 tips on Refreshing your home organization habits

Tip1: Start Small

It can be totally overwhelming. Seeing a house full of stuff and not knowing where to start. Instead of putting tons of pressure on yourself to get your entire house organized, choose just one little part of a room or a category- like your shoes, junk drawer, purse.

  • If you are not using it, get rid of it.

  • If it doesn’t fit into your current lifestyle, yes current lifestyle release it.

  • Find another home for anything that no longer serves you.

Tip 2: Get Support

If your home is cluttered and unorganized, you may feel anxious and scattered. If you’re ready to get organized but you’re not sure how to get rid of the clutter, it may be helpful to hire a home organization service. Professional organizers offer permanent solutions to achieve an efficient home by devising solutions that works the best for you and your family. When you allow an experienced and professional home organization service to initiate sorting through your belongings, it can relieve some of the uncertainty of what to keep and what to get rid of in your home. A home organizing service provides in-person, hands-on help to help you conquer the clutter - judgement free.

Home organizing can be like riding a bike. Yes, you can learn how to ride a bike from videos, books, Instagram etc. But having somewhere there by your side to help you along the way and hold you accountable can totally help.

Tip 3: Hone your Habits

Maintaining an organized life does come naturally for some, but it’s something that anybody can achieve by practice. Incorporating little habits into your daily and weekly routines. Habits do not make life dull. They remove (or at least diminish) the arduous process of doing things we don’t want to do. They also free our minds from thinking about things we don’t want to do. In the long term, we learn to enjoy those things when they become automatic and we continue to reap the benefits of the habit.

Use habits to make your behavior automatic so you get lots of small rewards to keep you going and then you get the big, long-term intrinsically motivated pay-offs as well

  • Make your habits: obvious, attractive, easy and satisfying

  • Small changes can compound themselves and lead to big outcomes.

Sometimes change takes a long time. Don't give up. Whining about not achieving success despite working hard is like grumbling about an ice cube not melting when you heated it from twenty to thirty-one degrees. Sometimes change requires persistent practice and effort - don’t give up.

It is a new season. Give yourself permission this spring to hit the refresh button on your daily routines, including taking a closer look at your organizational habits. Remember organizing is a process and that we need to give ourselves tons of grace along the way. It’s not about being perfect or having all of the “right” bins and baskets. It’s about creating systems and processes that help things run more smoothly so we can spend less time sweating the small stuff and more time on the things that really matter to us.

Thank you so much for being here— I’m so excited to share decluttering | simplifying | organizing | tips with you in this space.

With Gratitude,

Leah Morris

Founder & Chief Organizer

If you need support decluttering Mindfully Minimized would love to help.


Mindfully Minimized is a holistic organizational solution company committed to helping people clear the clutter from their lives. Based in Minneapolis, Mindfully Minimized was founded by owner and chief organizer Leah Morris who works alongside her clients to help them with their challenging spaces to create a beautifully organized home focused around their intention. Leah is a professional organizer, decluttering expert, speaker & coach. She is committed to helping people declutter their lives to focus on what they love. With her passion for providing solutions to problems and serving others she is able to transform spaces to be more clam, purposeful, sustainable, and joyously livable. Check out her website or you can also follow her on Instagram or on facebook.

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