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Simplify Your Summer

As another school year comes to a close, I find myself feeling both excited and a bit anxious. We have changes in schedules and routines. We have a great opportunity to adjust habits and create new. Here are 3 areas you can simplify this summer.

Tip #1: End "Busy - Ness"

This summer I am choosing to end busyness or at least using the word in conversation or in causal comments with my kids and focus on intention.

Ask anyone—your coworker, your best friend, your significant other—how their day was, and the answer is usually the same: “Busy.” Busy-ness has been a badge of honor and a source of self-worth for our I am so-slammed-I-can’t-think-straight, no-time-to-eat, deadline-driven, I want it now society.

Our culture is so wrapped up with busy-ness and all of its glorification - I would love to help put out its' exaltation. This summer I am choosing to focus on being intentional with my time vs busy. Whether that is bringing my kids to all their events, speaking at a conference, organizing spaces, coaching others, or just snuggling with my kidos during a movie night. After all, all these things I have intentionally been added to my calendar.

Instead of going, going, going, let's channel our focus around intention, cutting back on those things that don't align to our prioritizes and scheduling our calendars around WHAT is important. Check out more here...

Tip#2: Simplify

Getting rid of excess and staying organized, so people can find more time to focus on what really matters. Remember that simplification, like frugality, is a tool as well as a goal. The ultimate aim is not to just make your life simple, the goal is to make your life happy, purposeful and fulfilled.

Simplifying means eliminating anything that is a drain on your time, energy and soul while giving nothing back in the way of enjoyment, contentment or peace.  Whether your single living in a one-bedroom apartment or have a houseful of kids in a 4-bedroom home, over time, you’re going to accumulate “stuff”.  For some its closets chock-full of clothing and shoes, maybe its craft and hobby supplies, with babies and kids the paraphernalia and toys seem to multiply overnight—it’s just part of the territory. 

If you need support as you embark on simplifing your space and calming your clutter find a professional organizor in your area to help support your journey. Of course, if you live in Minnesota around the Twin Cities- Mindfully Minimized can help.

Tip#3: Spend Time, Not Money

One way to simplify your life this summer, and beyond, is to make more of a conscious effort to spend time with your family, and not just spend money buying them more things.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy treating my kids to an ice cream treat or the latest gaget. However ,the older they get and more of them express interest in wanting to hang out with friends rather than do things at home, the more I realize how quickly they’re growing and how much I want to spend as much time as I can (or they’ll allow!) with them while I do have them at home.  Not only that, if given the chance, kids really are happy to play with what’s around them. Kids need lots more time outside, as well as unstructured play time to help them make discoveries on their own. Check out some cool ways to to spend quality time with your kidos here . 

What have you done to simplify your family’s lifestyle?  Share your thoughts in the Comments section below, post your ideas on the MindfullyMinimized facebook page or send me an email at .


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