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Summer Cancellations - focus on the essentials in your life

This week last year I wrote about simplifying summer and ending “Busy – Ness.” This year our “busy-ness” has been removed and replaced with “cancellations”. What are we going to do this summer?? I find myself both excited and to be honest a bit nervous.Lots of stuff has been “canceled” and we have more “open” S-P-A-C-E. S-P-A-C-E what a gift.

An old college soccer teammate of mine made a great point in a post and I told her I was going to share it here as it was right on topic…

S-P-A-C-E precious and hard to keep.

...we like to fill it up as quickly as we get it.

...makes us feel uncomfortable in conversations.

...6ft we try to keep as we come in contact with people

We scroll through our phone into mindlessness.

We declutter our closet, only to purchase a surplus of summer outfits with next day delivery

We scramble to find alternatives to fill our space, help entertain us, or simply just distract us.

Our purpose at Mindfully Minimized is to help you create a simpler more intentional life. Part of this process involved the movement toward authenticity. Reflecting on who we really are and what we really want to do. We need to remove the distractions, obstacles, and see the blind spots in our lives - whether physical or emotional – we are able to see the road clearly in front of us. With an open road ahead, we have given ourselves the opportunity to look inward and expose things that get squandered in the busyness of our lives. This vulnerability paves the way for us to understand our priorities and allows for opportunities.

Use this time, with all the “cancellations” to release the excess, focus on the essentials in your life, and have recess all day.

With Gratitude,

Leah Morris



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