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Why Hire a Professional Organizer?

Oh yes, The pictures of super cute labels, beautiful acrylic storage containers, or the fully packed rainbow fridge may be fun to scroll through on instagram or flip through in magazines. Yes, myself and my other professional organizer colleges can create some pretty beautiful spaces with endless budgets and the correct photo angle :)

However, it is deeper than that. It is NOT about pinterest perfect

Don't get me wrong I enjoy Pinterest and Instagram because you can easily get inspired (or distracted) to do so many amazing things. However, at the end of the day life or organizing isn’t about pinning or getting the perfect photo. It’s about minimizing stuff and creating spaces that makes room for what you love.

When you minimize clutter in your life, you have more time to do the things you love.

Minimize stuff = less cleaning.

Minimize stuff = less washing.

Minimize stuff = less maintenance.

Minimize stuff = less waste.

Minimize stuff = less distractions.

I love what I do. I am so honored to get to work with people to simplify their lives. It's about getting to know people, helping them move past their own mental blocks, forgive themselves, and make progress not just with their stuff, but with their lives.

Working as a Professional Organizer is an adventure. Each of my clients has a unique background, education, outlook, hobbies, and personal style. Yet, there are several common reasons why they reach out for professional organizing services.

Below are the 3 top reason our clients have reached out to Mindfully Minimized organizational support.

#1 Experiencing a Life Transition:

Were you feeling in control and organized until a big life change forced you to think differently about your space and priorities. Have you experienced one or more of these life changes recently?

Life Transitions are a time you need to reevaluate your priorities, time management, and the way your home is organized. A Professional Organizer can help with that transition. Read more about organizing through transitions - click here

#2. Just Stuck

Ugg….. You are so overwhelmed. - You don’t know where to start and feel anxious about the process. You are embarrassed and don’t know who to reach out to for non-judgmental support. The right Professional Organizer for you can provide motivation and direction throughout the decluttering | simplifying| organizing process. Item by item, box by box, area by area. A Professional Organizer can help you get over the hurdle to just start. To start minimizing your distractions and clearing the clutter.

#3. Wanting to Grow & Develop

You want to learn how to organize and or teach your children organizing skill. Organizing isn’t a class offered in school though it is an important life lesson. We learn organizational habits from our environment or those around us. You may have picked up certain organizational or lack there of from your parents. You really want to grow your organizational skills to start acting the person you want to be. You want to be on time to meetings. You want to manage your calendar. You want to spend less time picking-up or managing others to pick-up and enjoy time doing other activities.

Organized people are not born organized - they practice. Yes, it requires practice- you can’t snap your fingers, wave a wand, or take magical pills. It requires time and effort.

Hiring a Professional Organizer is like having a personal trainer. They support you along your journey, provide positive encouragement and accountability. Read more about practicing your organization skills - click here

Remember, it is ok to reach out for support.

You want to get in shape - you hire professional trainer

You want to improve your mental health- you hire a mental health professional

You want to get organized - you hire a professional organizer

We totally understand - life gets hectic and piles of papers,toys,and things seem to pile up. Mindfully Minimized is here to support you, helping save you time, designing and implementing organized solution that are not only effective but sustainable.

Time to 'can the chaos' and 'mindfully move forward' to create a simpler, more intentional life. Mindfully Minimized is committed to helping you through this process.

Not ready to call in for support just yet? That is totally ok. If you would like to hear more about what others think of working with us - link here. You can also check out our google reviews -link here.

If you choose you can also follow us on instagram or on facebook to get a feel for how we work.

When you are ready to get organized we are her to support you!

With Gratitude & Grace,

Leah Morris


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